Revue dédiée à l’échapatoire comme idéal et ambition adressée aux fonctionnaires et bureaucrates de service, prisonniers, encadrés, surveillés et tous ceux pris en ces jougs des temps modernes. Ce exemplaire (no. 3) est consacré aux aspects pratiques derrière la fuite.

Dans la revue, on conseille de lire ce classique de Jean-Paul Sartre – L’existentialisme est un humanisme. Lisez-le! Inspirons-nous-en!

1. Plot your escape :
1. Sufficient pay
2. Save money (5000$)
3. Use your job as training for more
4. Cull your expenses : find the true cost of living
5. Quit your job (end of career)
6. Give back the keys, stuff into storage
7. Fly somewhere cheap (Berlin, Zurich, Vienna, Vancouver, Geneva, Auckland, Frankfurt, Sydney, Munich…..)
8. Invent a cottage industry
9. Put your plan in motion (the muse has been found, the vocation is going on)

2. Buying my life back through tax resistance (reduce complicity about making other’s life suck)

3. How to live minimally
1. Learn of the disease
2. Frequent mini clear-outs
3. Be organised (the more you are = less stuff needed)
4. Be bold
5. Buy one, Bin one
6. Consumable gifts (rejectable)
7. Don’t bother selling
8. One for best
9. Get rid of the tv
10. Use a library
11. Treat shops like museums
12. Reduce storage space
13. Bin packaging immediatly
14. Seek experiences rather than things

4. Be a pedestrian!

5. How to travel
1. Travel light
2. Don’t shop
3. Seek experience
4. Court the unexpected
5. Walk
6. Learn about your destination
7. Travel alone
8. Spurn other travelers
9. Talk to the locals
10. Show respect

6. In absentia ; considered ways of getting time off.
7. Escape dependencies
8. Escape depression
9. Escape anxiety
10. Manage a trifle : projects instead of career
11. Mr Moondog ; Musiphilosoph explained : one-of-a-kind man
12. Bartleby’s office (see books)
13. How to disappear (as Elvis)
14. Stop shopping : (find a solution instead of buying)
15. On pseudonyms (make your own name!)
16. On pseudonyms II
17. Blurring the lines …a paranoid delusion (simulates his own death)
18. Money without the work (fun while working?)
19. Autonomy (ignore the system) : Functionnal minimalism, Escape dependencies, Educationnal imperatives
20. The great escape : interview

Books suggested:
Timothy Ferris – 4-hour work week
Among the Bohemians
How to be free
Helman Melville – Bartleby’s the Scrivener

Web Sites to (trades and giving)

Am I on the way to go?
Seriously looking for it, dreaming about it… living for it?
The goal is the road!

Principal auteur : Robert Wringham –

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